Our mission

Objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • to cooperate with the authorities on regulatory framework issues of common rules for the inland waterway freight and passenger transportation market, the cargo handling operations market to ensure inland waterway cargo transportation, the market of construction and design works on the rivers of Ukraine and other water bodies, the market for extraction and production of construction and mineral goods, the market of freight forwarding and agent services, the market for organization of entertainment events on rivers (water bodies) and other related markets;
  • to protect interests of its members in governmental bodies and other organizations both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • to promote and facilitate foundation of the principles of ethics in business, in particular, by elaborating and improving the standards of fair conduct in economic turnover;
  • to enhance efficiency of the inland waterway (river) transportation industry and related industries by developing, discussing and submitting proposals with regard to objectively reasonable types of classifications, product quality standards, operational reliability and safety standards and environmental standards;
  • to assist in establishing conditions for foreign market entry of the members of the Association.