Information about members

Member of the Associationmay become any company relating to or operating in the following areas:

  • portsandstevedores;
  • cargoandpassenger transportation;
  • shipbuildingand repair;
  • freight forwarders;
  • agents;
  • cargoowners.

Any entity which shares the purpose of the Association and is willing to actively participate in development of the inland waterway industry may also become a member of the Association.

Members of the Association are entitled to:

  • participate in the General Meeting of the Association. Full members shall exercise the voting right whereas associated members shall have an advisory vote at the General Meeting;
  • head and take part in operational activity of governing and executive bodies of the Association;
  • participate in meetings of the Association Council and other bodies of the Association in an advisory capacity at the invitation of the Association Council;
  • submit proposals and discuss any issues relating to the activity of the Association at the General Meeting, including election and revocation of certain members in governing bodies of the Association;
  • receive reports summarizing activity of the Association and its bodies and obtain information regarding plans and programs as well as the use of funds of the Association;
  • addressgoverning bodies of the Association on any matters related to its activity;
  • employ services of the Association;
  • rely on any assistance from the Association and each of its members.